Sunday, August 14, 2005

Links from today's radio show

Ok folks. Here are the links I promised. (The show needs to be edited and will be available soon).

Let's start with the link to the action item shared with you today from Gun Owners of America. Go read it and act -- help protect the gun manufacturing industry from hustler-politicians and their inner-city, gun-control lawsuits.

My new hero, Edward R. Myers, who is Devoted to God, not the Pledge (registration may be required).

No Joy in Juiceville -- yes, I believe there should be open steriod use in baseball!

Global Struggle against Violent Extremism: Marketing Gimmick or Ominous Turn?

The hypnotic mantra -- Iraq is NOT Vietnam, say it again and again until you're convinced. This will allow you to ignore the facts.

Philokalia (4 Volumes) -- will really deepen your spiritual walk and enhance your prayer life. Learning about the Jesus Prayer, from the perspective of ancient Eastern Orthodox monastic tradition.

I don't know if anyone else is having problems contacting Cultural Repair, but they don't respond to email! I even emailed the webmaster (via their own link) and the mail was returned to me undeliverable. I ordered cd pack weeks ago with no more communication, and no response to an email that I suppose did get through a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone actually received their cd's and does anyone know how to contact cultural repair by phone or physical address??? They have the worst email response system I have ever used, and I have been online since 1994!!!
From your host, Jim Babka...

Culture Repair is operated entirely by volunteers, and I'm on my second webmaster. I deeply apologize. I just checked with the volunteer who shipped the CDs and he says all but the most recent order, which just came in, has been shipped. I cannot tell who you are, but I am eager to help. Please, email me directly. and let me know who you are. We'll ship you another order if need be.
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