Monday, July 04, 2005

Three Hours Worth of Radio Last Weekend

First, The Harry Browne Show…

I found out later in the week that on July 2nd, I would guest-host The Harry Browne Show on Saturday night, once again. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, so I started with the Durbin “Hitler-stupidity,” and took a second run at Paul Harvey (like I did on June 26 on the Culture Repair Show). Then, I had Herb Titus and Ed Brayton on to discuss the Kelo (eminent domain) decision by the Supreme Court.

The interesting thing about these guys, one a conservative-Constitutionalist (Titus) and the other a libertarian (Brayton) is that they disagree about the proper application of the incorporation clause of the 14th Amendment. Titus, an advocate of federalism, didn’t see a federal role in this eminent domain case, but thought the Court decision was dangerous for other reasons. Brayton felt that the Court had a duty to protect private property.

I also asked them to tell me who their dream candidates were to replace Sandra Day O’Conner – a topic I elaborated on after they left the air.

On top of that, I discussed how Downsize DC would celebrate July 4th with the new and the progress we’ve made on the Read the Bills Act.

Imitating Paul Harvey’s cadence was real good training for me. I’m even more conscious as a still new radio host of how to get and retain people’s attention. Harvey’s cadence is very exaggerated, but if you listen closely to most “successful” radio personalities, they have a cadence that wouldn’t work in normal conversation.

I had 2 callers and 1 email on the show. The time slot, Saturday, 10 till midnight Eastern, is brutal for me. I get a real adrenaline rush and it takes time to unwind after I get off air. The next day, I get up for church and I’m dragging – need a nap. But I am flattered that Harry & Pamela think so highly of me that they’ve asked me to fill in.

You can listen here to hour one and here to hour two.

Second, The Culture Repair Show

GOA Update was about a new, tough-on-crime, mandatory minimums bill that could turn a gun-owner using a weapon to defend his family could become a criminal gang. BTW, it was the ever-present James Senslessbrenner doing his thing again.

I elaborated about what how the Downsize DC Foundation, with its new website, is going to celebrate July 4. (See the previous entry on my blog)

You can listen to the July 3 episode The Culture Repair Show here.

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