Thursday, July 21, 2005

July 9 and 10 Radio Shows

Once again, I guest-hosted The Harry Browne Show. Chris Rufer is an American success story. Starting with one-truck, he built the Morningstar Company which today harvests, processes, cans, and ships 2/3rds of California tomatoes.

What fascinated me was how Chris Rufer runs his company. He uses a unique from of management called, “Self-management.” I really wanted to know how you can have a company where… There are no human bosses and no individual, including the owner, has the right to fire anyone else, and amazingly, no one has a title – but everyone is responsible. In fact, this work force is so effective that in 12 years time the Morningstar Company has become dominant in its industry.

But what prompted the most calls was my discussion of Qui Bono. What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I see the conspiracy? Am I blind? …or part of it? One caller was particularly amusing, who decided that my guest was part of the conspiracy because his company’s name was a secret code!

You can hear hour one here and hour two here.

Then, the next day on my show, I continued my Constitutional survey – specifically that the Constitution isn’t very effective at making the government smaller. Reviewed the six hallmarks of Chris Rufer’s successful concept of “self-management.” And my unique take on the London terror attacks. Amazingly, no one sent a lynching committee.

I made my big prediction that the Bush Administration will, by the Fall of 2006, will have an Iraqi withdrawal plan IMPLEMENTED – and possibly sooner. Why? The GOP Congress will demand it. I also blew the lid off the hoax that Bush is trying to export liberty and democracy.

I had three callers. GOA Update: How a new mandatory minimum sentencing bill can turn you and your family into a criminal gang. Gave several ACTION ITEMS: Patriot Act (the London terrorist attack will be used to help move this bill), and announced the launch of the anti-CAFTA campaign (unconstitutional and more government, not free trade).

You can listen here.

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