Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Steve Willis, blog freak

I’ve turned my friend Steve Willis on to blogging. Steve works with me at Downsize DC and has ever since I became CEO of our team in 2001. At one point, Steve was the only other full-time employee with me. He and his wife Jennifer have been building an art business. I explained to him how he could use blogging to promote his business.

Well, he’s really gotten into this blog thing. He writes, “I am now a blog freak because of you and soon to have a fifth campaign trail blog showing all the good campaign [as in, Harry Browne campaign] pics.”

Steve does art for a chiropractor on her waiting-room bulletin board. It’s funny.

The glass art sites that started his craze (please buy Steve and Jen’s art, they do commission work).

Steve was a Gulf War veteran. Pics are eerie and interesting.

Steve and Jen had a bunch of rats and decided to memorialize them. See, he is a freak – a blog freak.

And since he wrote to me about how I’ve turned him into a freak, the Harry Browne campaign photos blog he promised is up as well. At this link you can see a picture of me, at my desk, back when I was fat.

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